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If you are interested in increasing classroom interaction and improving learning. Classtalk can help you do it effectively and flexibly. Classtalk is the first Classroom Communication System and is developed by Better Education Inc. Classtalk relies on a robust two way network to facilitate communication between the student's calculators and the teacher's computer. Classtalk features an innovative graphical user interface that takes full advantage of dual monitor capability allowing separate displays for the teacher and the students. Classtalk is fully configurable for your preferred mode of operation.

The Instructor Presents a Question, Problem, or Information
A Classtalk "task" can be anything from a simple question to a midterm exam, from a group exercise to a survey of class opinions. Tasks can be drawn from existing curriculum materials, created with Classtalk authoring utilities, or imported from other software programs. Alternatively, in an option that requires no prior setup, the Instructor can present the task verbally, on a blackboard, from transparencies, Powerpoint, multimedia, the Web, or any other application on the same computer, and with a single mouse-click use a QuicktaskTM shell to turn it into a live Classtalk task. In the same way, homework from a textbook, or any in-class activity that involves student responses, can be made interactive in class "on-the-fly".

The Instructor "Sends The Task"
A few keystrokes send the task to the students calculators. Typically, each calculator is shared by two or three students. The Instructor sets a time limit and the students begin work on the task.

Students Respond to Questions Individually or as a Group
Students type in their answers individually, or as a group-dissenting answers or opinions are allowed.
Responses can be words, sentences, numbers, formulas-even symbolic algebra-as well as multiple choice.
The Instructor can control the format, including permissible ranges and answer categories. Wild card parameters are used to identify partially-correct, misspelled, or bilingual entries.
Classtalk Displays the Responses
The Instructor's Computer immediately displays the color-coded result on the class seating chart, and as a histogram. Class results can be kept confidential, or displayed to students. Text entries are grouped automatically or by keywords. Math expressions are grouped by functional identity/form.

Analyze Results .... Immediately
Classtalks analysis tools were designed for educators as well as learning researchers, and include statistics (mean and standard deviation, etc.), response timelines, comparison and weighting of results, and more. Entire class sessions are archived for review. Current and previous sessions--or different classes--can be compared on the same screen.

Feedback, Tests & Grading
Classtalk allows the Instructor to send feedback messages directly to student devices--customized to each response. Classtalk can also accept queries from students. Grading features allow you to group tasks for the purpose of assessing attendance participation and total score. Sessions and tasks can be exported in a variety formats that are easy to work with. The Question Set feature supports "paperless" tests and quizzes.

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