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A short introduction to Better Education describing how the company was formed.

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Better Education, Inc.

Better Education, Inc. is an educational research organization located in Yorktown, Virginia. The organization was formed in the late 1980's by a small group of scientists, educators and programmers who wanted to find new ways to use computer technology to improve learning in the classroom. Most members of the group had been associated with a major technological achievement (NASA space shuttle, Concord jet, ozone-monitoring systems, earth-orbiting space satellites, Commodore home computers, etc.) and they wanted to apply their talents to the field of education. Their objective was to find new ways to use computer technology to improve teaching and learning. The result of their effort was an entirely new genre of instructional technology which they called the"Classroom Communication System". Better Education was awarded a patent on the technology in 1991. After extensive testing and evaluation to identify and validate the learning benefit, Classtalk was formally introduced in October, 1994.

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