The British Reconsider their

"No Calculators Policy"

When Better Education introduced its Calculator compatible network they knew that some schools may be opposed to the idea of their students using calculators. Much has been written about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of calculator technology in education at various levels in various disciplines and it is difficult to make broad generalizations when discussing this topic. It has become clear however, that when used with care, calculator technology can add significant value to a lesson. The interesting part then becomes planning calculator technology into your lessons.

The British have been much more conservative than the US in adopting the use of calculators in their curriculum and it was only last year that Strathclyde University, one of Britain's most progressive institutions, made graphing calculators legal on their exams. One of the factors that helped influence their decision was graphing calculators could be used as communicators in the classroom with a Classtalk network. Prof. Jim Boyle made a strong case for the benefits that Classtalk would provide their students. Boyle actually make two trips to the United States in order to meet professors who had been successfully using Classtalk for several years. He used the information the gathered on these trips in conjunction with other research to describe in detail how Classtalk could be used to greatly enhance the classroom experience.


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