Enticing Bio-Chemistry

Students to Learn!!

     At the combined South West and Rocky Mountain regional meeting of the ACS, Pat Shaffer from the University of San Diego gave a work shop to High School and University Chemistry teachers. At her workshop she showed how she has used Classtalk and Peer Instruction in class sizes ranging from 30 - 50 students. She did this by actually teaching the workshop participants some bio-chemistry - how to construct a restriction map of a linear DNA Fragment. One of the questions she always asks her students before she starts this class is: "Is DNA a chemical?"

      "You would be surprised how many people don't think of DNA as a chemical," says Prof. Shaffer.

      "I think it is important to set them straight on this point right at the beginning."


From Left to Right - Louis Abrahamson, Pat Shaffer, and Marty Abrahamson are rewarded for a successful workshop with Mariachi music and good food.


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