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The power of technology depends on the ingenuity of the instructor...and Classtalk instructors keep getting more ingenious every day. This exciting technology provides a wide variety of documented learning benefits and addresses important problems in the field of Education. Classtalk brings an interactive dimension to any teaching style active learning, team-building, peer instruction, cooperative learning, group diagnosis, visual-based instruction, debate, simulation, role-playing, as well as traditional lectures. It is being used in classrooms, science labs, lecture halls and government and industrial training facilities. In many cases, it is the only technology that can address a specific need. To find out how Classtalk can address YOUR us at (757)-898-4846.

BELOW: Dr. Eric Mazur uses Classtalk to teach first year physics at Harvard University. Prof. Mazur's class is an example of how Classtalk can be used in a lecture hall setting. This particular class has over 250 students. Link to Harvard and see how Classtalk has proven vital to their interactive teaching. (Don't miss their student surveys)

Whether you teach in a Classroom, Lecture Hall, Science Lab or Training Center...Classtalk can help your students LEARN BETTER! Installation options include Fixed-seat Wiring, Ceiling Net with pull-down cables, Portable, or Existing Network Software Kit.

The Question Cycle: 7 Interactive Steps to Better Education®

Link for more detail and live classroom pictures!!!

1) The Instructor Presents a Question, Problem, or Information
2) The Instructor Sends the Task
3) Students Respond Individually or as a Group
4) Classtalk Displays the Responses
5) Analyze Results...Immediately
6) Feedback, Tests & Grading
7) Better Education®

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