Our Educational Philosophy

The idea we had when starting to work on Classtalk, was to create a tool to make it easier for teachers to use an interactive Socratic method of teaching. The motivation being, that the Socratic method has two wonderful benefits:

    (1) Through questioning, a teacher can. . .

(The past 25 years of cognitive science research have shown that these are exactly the things that one would like a person to do when you want them to learn something.) The second great benefit is that,

    (2) Students answer! --- So the teacher has some idea what is going on in their heads while he or she is actually teaching the subject.

The problem with Socratic teaching is that it is only really possible to do it well with maybe five students. With thirty, one hundred, or three hundred most get left out of the process. Now, some truly great teachers have shown that it's possible with Classtalk to do it in classes of three hundred. It's not as good as having five students, but it's a lot better than just lecturing.



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